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Michael Jackson Tribute

Michael Jackson Tribute - The Voice

Michael Jackson Tribute is the closest description for the Show we present. It is not only a dance show or a impersonator or look alike show. It's Fully live show (sang live) available with live band as well, but, most of the times, requested as a Live Act (with instrumental backing track). Impersonating the dance, the moves, the character as well as the voice.

Michael Jackson Tribute - The Dance

It's impossible to speak about Michael Jackson and not mention his dance. A real Tribute to Michael Jackson has to take into account the dance and the Michael Jackson Style very strongly! Michael felt and lived through the dance. It was very intense! He was one of the biggest dance creative genius of our era. Yes, it's true. It's still very small the importance that it is given to Michael Jackson's Dance, as they tend to compare with other artists and styles,when in fact is that those artists and styles in fact came from Michael Jackson... Michael Jackson CREATED a unique dance style! Original, Stunning, Magical and VERY PLEASANT to watch!!! And this part is very important. Not all contemporary styles are pleasant to watch and thus... Watch in a LIVE SHOW. Michael Jackson has the merit of creating not only a Unique dance style but as well as a very pleasant to watch dance style. And that's why this is one of the most important aspects of the Michael Jackson Tribute Show - The Dance!

Michael Jackson Tribute - Body

For us, the biggest and the truest tribute you can make to an artist is to imitate him, recreate his essence and try to resemble the best as possible the original and take the audience closest to the essence and the vibe of the original artist. This is our Tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, when we resemble every choreography, every movement, every spin, every gesture or our master!

Michael Jackson Tribute - Soul

It's not possible to make an honest Tribute to Michael Jackson without sinking deep into his spiritual and mind state. Into his rhythm, into his way of feeling the music, the thunder of emotion that was Michael Jackson when he got up on stage! Michael Jackson's voice, dance, artist, it's in each individually - perfection. But all together is much more: it is Emotion, it is Soul, it is Love! It all becomes ONE. Michael Jackson offered himself on stage for the sake of the legacy of his art. We understand Michael and we try to imitate him also in his Soul in each show, because we believe that the true Soul of Michael Jackson should be known everywhere we go.... This is also our mission!


  • "I saw some of your YouTube videos and I can honestly say I was blown away!! You're amazing!!! You have so much passion in your dancing and singing! A true MJ fan! :D You must ha..."
    Elizabeth Greer
  • "You're the bomb! I almost couldn't tell the difference, I wish much success!"
    Debra Ailer

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